Agnes Bowen was a Warren witch.


Agnes was born in the 1870s to James Bowen and Iris Sauls.

In 1904, a Agnes and her family investigated the murders of several witches and innocents. They found the warlock responsible, Timothy McBride, although Agnes didn't think that he was the murderer. Agnes tried protecting the warlock, disowning her family in the process. Agnes eventually realized that Timothy actually was a warlock so she told her family that she knew he was evil, but she still wouldn't tell them his location. Agnes battled Timothy alone and defeated him, although she received injuries that killed her.

Family MembersEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Sorcery: As a witch, Agnes possessed the ability to perform magic. This included the ability to cast spells, the ability to brew potions, and the ability to scry to locate other magical beings. Agnes was particularly skilled at spell casting, inventing several spells during her battle with Timothy without much time to spend thinking on the wording.
  • Divination: Agnes possessed the ability to predict the future. She could only use this ability while looking through a mirror, which is why she often carried a hand mirror along with her wherever she went.
  • Molecular Acceleration: Agnes possessed the ability to cause the molecules of something to reverberate, causing them to rapidly heat up. This could cause objects to melt, boil, burn, or to ignite.
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